Azure warm sea waves slowly roll into small foamy lambs on a quiet sandy shore ... Do you hear their pacifying rustling?

Close your eyes. Do you hear the music?

Take a deep breath Feel the enchanting, multifaceted aromas poured in the air ... Aromas of blossoming flowers, young greens, spices and fruits ... Aromas of calmness, sensual tenderness and happiness.

Take a look, the lawns of emerald grass shimmer with a variety of charming fragrant flowers. Admire their beauty, enjoy the touch of their silk petals ...

This is a small islet of flowers Islet, decorated with cotton and linen fields, magnolia trees in bloom, snow-white, like a bride, jasmine bushes, fragrant irises and luxurious peonies.

You don't need a plane or boat ticket to get there. All the best from Islet is collected in a series of perfumed hand creams.

The delicate texture of each type of cream "Islet" instantly after application makes the skin of the hands comfortable. Freshness, lightness, pleasant floral aroma - pleasant additional effects from the use of hand cream produced by the Kharkov factory "Aromat".

Active assortment line of perfumed hand creams:

  • ► express moisturizing amazing iris;
  • ► soft touch delicate cotton;
  • ► tone and comfort enchanting jasmine ;
  • ► gentle care aromatic magnolia;
  • ► intense nutrition fine linen;
  • ► tender care luxurious peony.

Islet: enjoyment of beauty and aroma your favorite flower or a whole charming bouquet of different flowers to use different creams for your mood or the weather outside the window.