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Shower gel

Men's shower gels with natural extracts in the composition are designed for active complex care of all skin types. The lush, abundant lather of the shower gels leaves the skin feeling clean without much effort, leaving a scent and a feeling of vigorous freshness for a long time.

Daily care with shower gel for men leaves the skin not only clean, but also incredibly pleasant to the touch. The choice is presented in four directions: freshness of coolness, a boost of energy, active care and an invigorating effect. The bottle is designed in such a way that the product is convenient to use for a long time. Shower gel in sachet format is comfortable to use in any conditions where individual packaging may be useful.

Brand: Хит Model: 4820147052955
Men's shower gel HIT «SPORT. Basic care» was created to refresh and i..
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Brand: Хит Model: 4820147052962
Men's shower gel HIT «Strong. Invigorating effect» was created to ref..
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Brand: Хит Model: 4820147052986
Male shower gel HIT "COOL. Cool freshness ”is designed to refresh and invi..
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Brand: Хит Model: 4820147052979
Men's shower gel HIT "Energy. Energy Charge” was created to refresh and in..
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