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Shower gel

Body treatment with bright aromas, enriched with natural extracts of fruits and plants. Shower gels maintain a balance between cleansing and hydrating the skin while maintaining its natural defenses. The ingredients in the composition are selected in such a way that after taking a bath, a feeling of freshness and tone remains for a long time.

Brand: AROMAcode Model: 4820147057141
The luscious tropical scent of AROMAcode softening shower gel leaves the s..
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Brand: Honeywood Model: 4820147056014
The cat is washing with a paw purring: "Wash your hands with soap, meow" ..
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Brand: Honeywood Model: 482014705994
Shampoo-gel called Bubble Gum bought for me my caring mom. Sweet aroma, g..
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Brand: AROMAcode Model: 4820147057134
The aromatic foam of AROMAcode Moisturizing Shower Gel leaves a feeling of..
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Brand: Slavia Model: 4820147052818
SLAVIA Lege Artis moisturizing shower gel with an invigorating aroma of Chi..
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Brand: Хит Model: 4820147052986
Male shower gel HIT "COOL. Cool freshness ”is designed to refresh and invi..
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Brand: AROMAcode Model: 4820147057127
The aromatic foam of the AROMAcode toning shower gel leaves the skin feeli..
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