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16 Apr
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"Honeywood" is a fabulous land of children's fantasies, where funny colorful animals, friends of children and helpers of mothers live. In Honeywood, everyone speaks in poetry, and fluffy foam clouds f..
16 Feb What Aroma produces
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Trademarks of perfumes and cosmetics produced by the Kharkov factory "AROMAT" make up a full range of care products for the beauty and health of each family member, from the most experienced head of t..
18 Aug Cosmetic additives: sulfates
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Что общего между шампунем для волос на полочке в ванной и средством для мытья автомобилей? ПАВ-ы. Аббревиатура означает «поверхностно-активные вещества». Это основа моющих средств, благодаря ПАВ-ам он..
15 Sep Myths and secrets: what you need to know about the counter-side of cosmetic products?
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To indicate everything important and at the same time not to make the already small text even smaller on the back of the package, manufacturers have adopted a unified system of signs and designation..
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