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27 Aug Invitation to INTERCHARM-Ukraine
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Respectable partners!The company "AROMAT" in the framework of the annual event INTERCHARM-Ukraine and PRO BEAUTY EXPO invites you to visit our Stand No. 2A-5-40 in pavilion 2C at the 20th anniversary ..
30 Jul Fragrant island «Islet»
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Azure warm sea waves slowly roll into small foamy lambs on a quiet sandy shore ... Do you hear their pacifying rustling? Close your eyes. Do you hear the music? Take a deep breath Feel the en..
21 Jul An abundance of antiseptics
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30 seconds is the time during which the antiseptic kills 99% of known microbes and bacteria. A disinfectant saves where it is important, but it is impossible to wash your hands. After contact with pub..
12 Jul «AROMAT»: enterprise of the year 2020
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The international economic rating "LEAGUE OF THE BEST" is authorized to select, award and mark state enterprises with the status award "Enterprise of the Year" with the provision of internationally re..
28 Apr Body care
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Slavia is a general term for a region inhabited by Slavs: that is, it is our own, dear, glorified. Lege artis translated from Latin means to do something masterfully, according to all the rules and la..
23 Apr Hair beauty with
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Change, become more self-confident, finally find your own unique style, become brighter, refresh your reflection in the mirror, look at the world in a new way, emphasize beauty, or just get rid of gra..
19 Apr Hair without dandruff with
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Healthy, shiny, strong, clean, dandruff-free hair is a source of strong energy, beauty and confidence for women and men. It's so nice to run your fingers into the silky strands of an adored woman or r..
19 Apr
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At all times, people have turned to healers who have a huge store of knowledge of previous generations for the solution of health-related issues of various complexity. Besides, the word "healer" is fr..
16 Apr
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Men need everything at once: they came, they saw, they won. There is no time for stupidity and sentimentality, I don’t want to choose cosmetics for a long time. Everything should be clear, clear and m..
16 Apr
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"Honeywood" is a fabulous land of children's fantasies, where funny colorful animals, friends of children and helpers of mothers live. In Honeywood, everyone speaks in poetry, and fluffy foam clouds f..
16 Feb What Aroma produces
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Trademarks of perfumes and cosmetics produced by the Kharkov factory "AROMAT" make up a full range of care products for the beauty and health of each family member, from the most experienced head of t..
18 Aug Cosmetic additives: sulfates
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Что общего между шампунем для волос на полочке в ванной и средством для мытья автомобилей? ПАВ-ы. Аббревиатура означает «поверхностно-активные вещества». Это основа моющих средств, благодаря ПАВ-ам он..
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