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Conditioning shampoo

The Conditioning Shampoo for Men's Hair is formulated with balanced ingredients enriched with natural extracts. The composition of the shampoos is adapted for daily use in water of any hardness. The dense foam of the shampoo makes the hair and scalp clean, the conditioner in the composition has a general strengthening effect, adding shine and pleasant sensations to the hair.

The assortment of men's shampoos consists of four types. The ergonomic 400 ml bottle is designed so that the care product is convenient to use and lasts for a long time. The sides of the bottle have retaining ribs.

Brand: Хит Model: 48201470535006
Men's shampoo conditioner HIT "STRONG. Anti-dandruff power for all hair ty..
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Brand: Хит Model: 4820147053020
Men's shampoo conditioner HIT "Cool. Cool freshness ”for normal hair. The ..
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Brand: Хит Model: 4820147053013
Men's shampoo conditioner HIT “Energy. Energy charge" for dry hair. The en..
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Brand: Хит Model: 4820147052993
Men's shampoo conditioner HIT “Sport. Active care" for normal or oily hair..
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