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Thin hair

The complex of active components of the balm-conditioner for fine and split ends "Fortifying" nourishes the hair from the base to the very ends with vitamins and microelements. The tandem of the balm with the shampoo of the corresponding series generally has a positive effect on the condition of the hair and scalp, gives the hairstyle additional volume, and strengthens the hair structure.

Ginger extract makes hair resistant to external influences, stronger and more durable. Ylang Ylang extract adds smoothness and elasticity to hair. Arnica extract acts as a source of vitamins and nutrients, gives shine, accelerates hair growth.

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SLAVIA Lege Artis moisturizing shower gel with an invigorating aroma of Chi..
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Two-phase balm-conditioner "SLAVIA Lege Artis" is suitable for damaged, bri..
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