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Oil for body

Children's series oil is designed for massage treatments and gentle care of skin folds, which helps prevent common children's dermatological complications. The products are designed with special care for the delicate skin of babies, they do not contain preservatives, parabens, allergenic fragrances and other harmful additives. The oil is also used to soften seborrheic crusts. The poems on the back of each package and animal make caring for your baby a fun and joyful process.

Brand: Honeywood Model: 4820147055925
Happy mom and daddy-leopards - their child has no jeopard. They removed ..
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Brand: Aromashka Model: 4820022902535
Baby massage oil "Aromashka" for the care of baby's delicate skin.It is use..
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Brand: Honeywood Model: 4820147055932
Let's massage the back and tummy, and the baby will smile at mommy. His ..
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