30 seconds is the time during which the antiseptic kills 99% of known microbes and bacteria. A disinfectant saves where it is important, but it is impossible to wash your hands. After contact with public things, with animals, in nature or on the road, disinfection of skin and surfaces prevents a number of possible dangers.

Antiseptics, which are comfortable to use without access to water, Aromat LLC produces in the form of LOTIONS and GELS.


It is convenient to apply funds in this form using a fine spray or dropper nozzle - these packaging options are available in the range.

Active ingredients:

► ethyl alcohol denatured (60.0%, which corresponds to the recommendations of the WHO) - antiseptic;

► isopropanol (10.0%) - antiseptic;

► benzalkonium chloride (0.5%) - a component that has a bactericidal effect on a number of common microorganisms;

► tea tree essential oil (0.05%) - a powerful natural antiseptic with antiviral, bactericidal, immunostimulating and antifungal effects;

► Vitamin E - softens the skin, protects it from the polluted environment, helps to retain moisture in the epidermis and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


It is convenient to apply funds in this form using a dispenser pump, dropper spout, flip-top tube or disposable sachet - these packaging options are available in the assortment.

The active ingredients of gels are similar to lotions. Additionally, gels contain the following component:

► hydroxyethyl cellulose - a component that creates a “liquid glove” effect on the skin: the evaporation rate decreases, thereby prolonging the effect of benzalkonium chloride on the skin surface and increasing the duration of the antiseptic agent's activity.


Gel-soaps are intended for hygienic and sanitary treatment of the skin of hands and body, produced in a stable bottle with a pump .. The products have cleansing, disinfecting, antimicrobial, emollient and moisturizing properties. The liquid soap of the antiseptic series does not contain SLS and has an optimal pH level for the skin of -5.5-6.5.

Active ingredient:

► benzalkonium chloride - bactericidal against most common microorganisms.

Sulfate-free soap base is sodium lauryl sarcosinate, a mild, natural surfactant that does not irritate sensitive skin, is readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Antiseptic component:

► undecylenamidopropyltrimonium methosulfate, aka tetranil U (1.0%) - has a bactericidal and fungicidal effect. Provides a high degree of protection and has excellent skin compatibility. SOAP-FREE SOAP is produced in four component variations: with fir oil, with tea tree oil, with eucalyptus oil and with D-panthenol.

SULPHATE SOAP is also available with four ingredients: aloe extract, calendula extract, chamomile extract and D-panthenol.


Prevention of fungal infections when using shoes for rent, when visiting swimming pools and other similar public places, on long trips - all this is done by antiseptic foot products in liquid and gel form. The Aromat brand produces refreshing alcohol foot sprays and gels with essential oils and vitamin E.


→ disinfection and polishing of the smartphone screen;

→ cleaning glasses and other optics;

→ removal of glue residues from labels;

→ dissolving greasy stains on clothes;

→ disinfection of makeup brushes;

→ refreshing hair instead of dry shampoo;

→ removal of the patch from the skin without discomfort;

→ polishing of mirrors and other glass surfaces;

→ elimination of marker marks on clothing, furniture and equipment;

→ protection of windows from frost and condensation, including automobile windows;

→ Removing fingerprints and grease splashes from stainless steel surfaces.