Trademarks of perfumes and cosmetics produced by the Kharkov factory "AROMAT" make up a full range of care products for the beauty and health of each family member, from the most experienced head of the family to a newborn baby.

The needs of the youngest representatives are given close attention as the latest development of TM "Honeywood", and classic TM "Rainbow" and "Aromashka". Under these brands, baby creams, milk, oil, liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, bath foam and baby antiseptics are available.

A separate special niche in the production of LLC "AROMAT" is allocated to products, the impact of which is aimed at maintaining and restoring health. Creams-balms, gels and mouthwashes "Healer", cream for skin pigmentation "Anti Pigmin" and shampoos with climbazole from dandruff "Vitoral" are sold in pharmacies, including.

The Permanent Color brand has gained popularity and retains its popularity in the beauty industry with an assortment of hair cream and professional eyebrow and eyelash dyes. The products are suitable for both domestic and professional salon use.

Antiseptics "FRAGRANCE" for hands and feet, adults and children, the factory has developed, successfully tested and began to produce until 2020. The wave of increased popularity has stimulated the expansion of the range of available forms and varieties of products with antiseptic effects - the site presents a wide range of gels, lotions and disinfectant soaps.

Production of perfumes is a separate independent direction in the activity of the enterprise. "FRAGRANCE perfume" for men is presented on the site by the main current series Generations, You, Angels, Gins, Black, Gamble, Due to Men, OdorMan.

"FRAGRANCE perfume" for women can be found with the names Le choix de L'Imperatrice, Blue Light, Declare, You, Generations, Fantasy Maggio, Neon, Edmond Dupery.

In addition to decorative perfumes, the AROMAT factory has been specializing in the production of classic colognes for many years, which is characterized by successful experience and professionalism.

The main capacity of the company is aimed at the production of cosmetic care products for active adults and young audiences. Accordingly, the range of this segment is the widest:

► TM "Slavia lege artis": shower gels, complexes of shampoos and conditioners, two-phase hair sprays

► TM "AROMAcode": shower gels, face creams, cosmetic lotions, aftershave

► TM "Islet": NEW perfumed hand creams

► TM "HIT for men" men's series: shaving products, aftershaves, detergents, shower gels, shampoos-conditioners

► TM "Giselle": foundations for the face

► TM "FRAGRANCE cosmetics": hand creams, foot creams

The products, which are created in the walls of the Kharkov factory "AROMAT", are distinguished by quality control at all stages of production and the sincere desire of the management to produce what the consumer really needs.